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Wine Filtration Decanter

Wine Filtration Decanter

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The 3 in 1 Decanter: Aerate, Filter, Decant

Discover the full potential of your wine's aroma with this sophisticated, high-quality decanter that will impress your guests.

Why Should I Use A Decanter?

A decanter that filters and aerates your wine is a MUST to open its flavor, whether you're sipping a $5 find or indulging in a $600 luxury bottle.

Here’s why:

1. Elevates Every Wine 🍇: It softens harsh tannins and unlocks hidden flavors and aromas, making even budget wines taste like a splurge.

2. Clears Sediment 🍷: Say goodbye to gritty sediment in older wines, ensuring a smooth sip every time.

3. Adds a Touch of Elegance 🌟: A decanter turns wine drinking into an event, adding sophistication to any occasion.

4. Universal Benefit 🌍: From affordable to premium, every wine shines brighter after a good decant.

5. Beauty + Function 🎨: Not only does it prepare your wine perfectly by filtering and aerating in one step, but it also looks stunning on the table.

In essence, a quality decanter makes every wine, cheap or steep, taste its absolute best and transforms every glass into a special moment. 🍾 

30-Day Warranty

Benefit from our 30-day guarantee, made to instil absolute confidence in your store purchases. Every product is backed by a warranty safeguarding against manufacturing defects. As a trustworthy company, we prioritize earning and maintaining your confidence in our services!

Details & Specs

Material: Borosilicate Glass

304 Stainless Steel Cover

12 Channel Lotus Style Aeration


18 cm by 21.5 cm

Tracked Insured Shipping

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Please allow for 8 -14 business days for your package to be delivered.

Product Care

  • Do Not put in oven or under direct fire/heat
  • May crack when subject to extreme temperature differential
  • Hand clean with soft cloth and mild chemicals only
  • Item is fragile, avoid dropping
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Hyozan is Japanese for Iceberg

Let your wine mingle with the oxygen, breathe out, allowing for delicate aromas to unfold and flourish

Stainless-Steel Filtration & 12 Channel Aeration

A steel-filtered top ensures a seamless pour and filtering out sediment for a smooth, refined taste in every glass.

Each Piece is Skilfully Hand Blown

Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand with high quality glass and stainless steel.