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Hyozan Wine Decanter

Hyozan Wine Decanter

Aerate, Filter and Decant All-in-One

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Instantly enhance your wine's flavors

Designed to aerate wine as it is poured, allowing the wine to open up and release its full flavor and aroma within minutes.


The decanter features a unique cascading waterfall design that creates a gentle flow of wine, increasing the surface area of the wine and exposing it to air. This process helps to soften tannins, release bouquets, and enhance the overall taste of the wine.

The decanter is made of hand-blown glass, making it an elegant addition to any wine lover's collection.


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 304 Stainless Steel Cover


  • 1500ml
  • 18.5 x 22 cm

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Quick Aeration to Enhance Flavors

A steel-filtered top ensures a seamless pour and filtering out sediment for a smooth, refined taste in every glass.

  • More oxygen, richer tastes

    Release the wine's aromas and flavors that would otherwise remain locked under bottle-to-glass pouring.

  • Velvet smooth, every time

    Enjoy every drop till the last without sediments. No wine left behind

  • Elegant, spill-free pour

    Look classy pouring your wine. No more loose drops on the table, or stains on your guests' white shirts.


What makes this decanter different from others on the market?

Our decanter stands out because it not only decants but also filters and aerates your wine simultaneously.

The three-in-one functionality ensures that each pour maximizes the wine's flavor, aroma, and clarity, providing a superior tasting experience compared to traditional decanters.

How do I use the decanter to get the best results?

For optimal results, simply pour your wine into the decanter before serving.

The design of the decanter takes care of the rest by filtering out sediment, aerating the wine to enhance its flavor, and allowing the wine to reach the perfect decanting state as it flows through.

Can this decanter be used with all types of wine?

Absolutely! Our decanter is versatile and effective for all types of wines, whether it's a robust red, a crisp white, or a light rosé.

Each type of wine benefits from the enhanced oxygenation and sediment removal that our decanter provides, bringing out the best in every bottle.

How should I clean and maintain the decanter?

For routine cleaning, rinse with warm water.

For a deeper clean, use our decanter cleaning beads—swirl with water to easily remove stains and deposits. Beads are available for purchase on our website. Avoid abrasive sponges to preserve the glass.